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The Total African Nations Championship (CHAN) 2022: A Recap of the Exciting Final Between Algeria and Senegal

The Total African Nations Championship (CHAN) is a biennial football competition for African players who play their club football in their own domestic leagues. In 2022, the CHAN was hosted by Algeria and was the seventh edition of the tournament. The final was contested between Algeria and Senegal, two powerhouses of African football, in a closely contested match that saw the two sides go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Algeria vs Senegal: A Tale of Two Footballing Giants

Algeria and Senegal are two of the most successful footballing nations in Africa. Both countries have a rich footballing heritage and are home to some of the most talented players on the continent. The final between the two sides was a mouth-watering prospect, with fans eager to see how the match would unfold.

The match started at a high tempo, with both sides looking to take control of the game from the outset. Algeria started brightly and created a number of early chances.

The match continued to be closely contested, with both sides creating chances and working hard to gain an advantage. In the end, it was Senegal who secured the win and victory to CHAN 2022 title on Penalties (5-4).

The Importance of the Total African Nations Championship (CHAN)

The CHAN is an important competition for African football, as it provides a platform for local players to showcase their talents on the international stage. The tournament also provides a great opportunity for African nations to test their squad depth and give players who do not normally feature for their national teams the chance to impress.

The CHAN also provides a vital source of revenue for the Confederation of African Football (CAF), helping to support the development of the sport across the continent. In addition, the tournament helps to promote African football globally, increasing its exposure and helping to attract new fans and investment to the sport.


The Total African Nations Championship (CHAN) 2022 final between Algeria and Senegal was a memorable match that showcased the best of African football. The high level of skill and competitiveness on display was a testament to the quality of the tournament and the players who participated. The CHAN is an important competition that helps to support the development of African football, and we look forward to seeing more exciting matches in the future.