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وأخيراً وصلت الجزائر – أكبر دولة في أفريقيا 🇩🇿 | ALGERIA

We are all sons of joy It’s Algeria, the symbol of revolution against colonialism and the beacon of freedom and freemen throughout history. Algerian expatriates come to Algeria to recall the Victory Day, the day when colonialism ended. They sing the national anthem together. Algeria. The Independence year 1962 France shall leave this country! The year 1954 marks the beginning of the uprising against the worst colonialism which spanned more than 130 years.
Millions of Algerians sacrificed their lives to end this colonialism. Hence, the Algerian Revolution became a great example for all freemen in the world. The 1954 Algerian revolution against the French colonialism was led by the National Liberation Front, and lasted for 7 and a half years. What I get is under the disposal of the revolution.
Algeria won and forced the colonialists to leave after defeating them. Algeria declared its independence on 5 July 1962. More than 60 years after the liberation, the Algerians still sing the revolution anthem which represents its victory. The anthem that shook the colonialists. It was both, strength and spirit for revolutionaries and freedom fighters.
We are determined that Algeria should live, so be our witness -be our witness. We were led by men. There were men on the battleground who sacrificed their lives. We will never forget them. And you know that those who died had done their duty. A journey to the continent country The Mediterranean Sea.
The capital city. The largest country in Africa. In Algeria, you can enjoy the desert and snow. It’s also called the « continent » – There are valleys, rivers and seas. Moreover, cities and food. Everything is in one place, one country. – because it’s the largest Arab and African country by area with an area of 2.4 million km².
The capital city is Algiers, the city in which we arrived in. It’s situated on the Mediterranean Sea. and The capital is also called Al Mahroussa (Well Kept Algiers) or the White Algiers. Welcome all to the capital Algiers. Right behind me is the Martyr’s Memorial Similar to Baghdad’s Martyr’s Memorial.
It’s built on the top of the mountain for the people who sacrificed their lives for Algeria’s freedom. An iconic monument on the top of the mountain. The lights of the memorial lit up at night with the colors of the Algerian flag. When you enter the capital city, you will see the Mediterranean Sea on your side and the beautiful nature.
And this is the largest mosque in Africa, it was built 2 years ago. What a beauty! Look at this green yard near it. Algerian families come here on weekends to enjoy. From here, can see the Martyr’s Memorial, the middle of the capital city and ships entering the port. A strategic place. This is the waterfront of Algiers city On every corner, you will hear: « Welcome » « Welcome to Tlemcen » « Welcome to Algeria » « Welcome » « Welcome to Algeria » « You’re welcome here »
Welcome to Algeria. This reminds me of Palestine’s olive oil. Welcome to Algeria. Algerians are one of the biggest supporters of Palestine. Palestine is in our blood and Palestinians are our brothers. Because they also suffered from occupation. They stand against oppression. We were oppressed in the past. and we don’t want anyone to be oppressed.
It has one of the world’s most beautiful and oldest cities. The capital of eastern Algeria, the city of old rocks, suspension bridges, Constantine, the city of science and scientists. To the capital of western Algeria, Oran. Oran, the radiant, is known for Raï music and the famous dish, the Spanish Karentika.
In addition to the castle on the top of the mountain. « Karentika » and its streets, buildings and mosques. To Emir Abdelkader, a symbol of the revolution. A mixture of nations came across Algeria, Spaniards, French, Ottomans and more. Yet, Algeria remained an Arab Amazigh Muslim nation. This is the Martyr’s Memorial and this garden is called « The Test Garden » because they used to test plants.
Also, the first Tarzan movie was filmed here. Look at this view. Welcome to Algeria. The Test Garden was established in 1832. (two years after the French occupation of Algeria) What a peaceful place! Can you hear the birds’ sounds? Subhanallah, this is God’s Heaven on earth. There is a pool in the middle surrounded by palm trees.
There are more than 2,500 species of plants, imagine! What makes this garden more special is its view of the Martyr’s Memorial which represents all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation. This garden is located in the heart of the capital city, Algiers. It’s called the « Test Garden » because during the French occupation, they (the French) used to test the plants and trees, and send the good plants and trees to Versailles, France.
It’s like an open museum. Welcome to Algeria. Palm trees around you. A beautiful nature. This capital city is unique, but that’s not everything. You can take a picture from every corner. The trees right behind me are where the first Tarzan movie was filmed in 1932. It was filmed here, in this place! imagine ! You will find unique plants and trees on each corner.
You can film a movie here. We went to the Great Mosque of Algiers. You will feel like it’s a city within a city. Right behind me is Africa’s largest mosque. It’s the third-largest mosque in the world. Can you hear the planes? The first thing people in these planes will see when they arrive in Algiers is this mosque, this great edifice.
A very large mosque that has the world’s tallest minaret. During French colonialism in the past, the first thing people used to see when they arrive here is a church. Therefore, they built this mosque so it can be the country’s facade. It’s Africa’s largest mosque and the third-largest mosque in the world after the Great Mosque of Mecca and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi of Medina.
The mosque is located in an area called El Mohammadia, it’s named after our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is alabaster marble, it’s semi-transparent and natural light can get through. The library can accommodate 3,700 students. When you go inside you will see trees, columns and the minaret. This minaret has several floors.
You can find a research center, museum, restaurant and a viewing platform for top visitors on the 43rd floor. And behind me the « X » is windproof and anti-seismic. We are going up to the world’s tallest minaret. We are 224 meters high. The world’s tallest minaret. We can see the Mediterranean Sea.
Subhanallah! They built it with creativity. This is the country’s facade. The first thing a person will see when the plane is landing in Algiers is this mosque. What an extraordinary view! We have been in many towers across the world but this one is different. It’s surrounded by a transparent glass cover.
I don’t know how they built it! Countless windows. 360-degree view and shiny windows. The windows are shiny and you can have a 4k view from here. On the top of this dome there is something called « Jamour » which is similar to the golden domes built by Brunei’s Sultan. This dome is covered with gold.
It’s called « Jamour », a term used in Islamic architecture. It’s noon prayer. The Spirit of Serenity Then we went to Kasbah area in the capital city. UNESCO proclaimed this place a World Cultural Heritage site in 1992. There is only one state which is eternal Palestine. This place had a major role during the Algerian Liberation Revolution.
It was the stronghold of the independence of the National Liberation Front. Furthermore, movies were filmed here. Colonial French authorities destroyed and demolished many parts of it as they tried to erase the Algerian identity. We are at the top of a hill in Kasbah. We are here at one of the old houses proclaimed by UNESCO.
Look! This is Kasbah. The revolution and liberty were from here. Each wall, street and alley has a story. Kasbah means the « fortified city ». It’s a very old city. This is one of the houses in a neighborhood in Kasbah. We are in uncle Khalid’s house in Kasbah. Here is the furniture which is used in the past and the radio.
Here are all the pictures of famous people who visited this place. Kasbah’s women in the past. Photos from « The Battle of Algiers » movie. In the past, they used to… What is this? This is the place where they used to make craft bombs. People were living here. France suffered a lot from this because houses were very close to each other.
Therefore, it’s hard to control the people who are living here because they are interdependent. They used to send messages with women. For example, they send guns, supplies and food for freedom fighters. France suffered a lot in this area. I was born here near this house. How was life here during the revolution? We were all brothers.
All people were brothers. When a person goes to the city, he gives his house keys to his neighbor. What are the things in Algeria you would like to tell him about? There is everything here. The best tea in Algeria is sahara tea. When you drink it, you won’t sleep. Enjoy it! Hello, this is Mohammad Sidi, a tour guide in Kasbah.
I’m known as Momo Al Mahrousa. Joe, the Algerian people and Kasbah residents are simple. You see their houses are close to each other. They don’t care about many details but they care about their social life. Even the trays. For example, this is found in every Algerian house. The tray and the tea bring you together.
Houses in Kasbah are close to each other. Mostly, men walk in the streets. Houses are connected to each other, so women can walk through rooftops, while men walk down to achieve sanctity. He forgot his group down Oh, he is going with them? He forgot his group. « Throw the revolution into the street, and the people will embrace it.
These motifs date back to the Ottoman presence in Algeria. This was built during the time when Algeria was under the Ottoman rule before French colonialism. We are still in Kasbah, imagine! The walls of the places we have been in are old. A historical place that was proclaimed by UNESCO. This place is called the Martyrs Square.
There is a metro here. Also, a mosque. What was your feeling when Algeria got independence? Very happy. All people felt happy. France occupied Algeria in 1830 and considered it a part of France after the Ottoman Empire relinquished it due to the weakness of the Ottoman Empire. and internal problems. Algeria stood against the French occupation for a long time.
It was named « French Algeria« . French colonialism lasted for 132 years. Several revolutions against France erupted during that period, most commonly, Emir Abdelkader Revolution. He will organize the army and back the authority till the enemy recognize it and sign the Treaty of Tafna. France committed many massacres against the Algerian people, such as the Seine River massacre in Paris.
In addition to one of the largest massacres in Algerian history, which is 8 May massacre in 1945 when about 45,000 Algerians were killed. This was after World War ll when people went out to celebrate the end of this war and demand France to leave Algeria as France pledged to leave Algeria when they win World War ll.
But their response was deadly as France committed many massacres. During the occupation period, millions of Algerian martyrs sacrificed their lives. Today, Algeria is demanding France to apologize for its crimes but France is still refusing this demand causing diplomatic tension between the two countries.
There is a teleferic. They use it as a transportation mean. It goes up and then down to the Martyr’s Memorial. There are several places here like this, similar to Bolivia. They use it as transportation. Climate variability in Algeria is amazing. 1 hour away only by car from the capital city to Chrea area mountains of Chrea, suddenly, you will feel like you are in a different world, a different country.
OK guys, so we drove 1 hour away to a mountainous area, then we found ourselves in a different world. It’s like another country. Suddenly, you will see everything covered by snow. The ground is white. Everything is covered by snow. We are still in Algeria. Similar to a mountainous area in Switzerland. We are in Chrea, Algeria.
Chrea is a mountainous area. We are 1,200 meters above sea level. Finland. Finland? No, here is more beautiful . Algeria. I just noticed that we are on Atlas Mountains which extend through Algeria and Morocco. That’s why it looks very high though we are 1 hour away from the capital city. On the next day, we drove 1 hour away by car – Right behind me.
to Tipaza city which has Tipaza ruins. Tipaza means a « route » because it was a route for traders decades ago. It’s only 70 kilos away from the capital city. We came here to see this extraordinary place. It’s like a mini-pyramid It was built by King Juba II for his wife Cleopatra Selene II, Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania.
Queen of Pharaonic Egypt. 40 BC. There are 4 false doors. This is a false door. These gates are just camouflage The real door is on the eastern side. If people want to go inside it, this is not the main entrance, one person should enter in the Pharaonic way by bending like this because they used to show respect for the King and the Queen by doing this.
So, you should bend like this to enter. It’s missing for 2,000 years. It’s called the « missing link ». It’s recognized and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the main entrance. It’s covered by sand. You might have wondered how ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids.
Look how big is the rock. It’s very big. Similar to the Pyramids. OK guys, look at these ruins. This is a Roman city on the Mediterranean Sea. We are at the archaeological site of Tipaza Provence. Tipaza is a city that dates back more than 2,000 years. It’s a Roman city built in the Roman style (from rocks).
A coastal city with a rich history. This amphitheater was a fighting area. There were types of gladiatorial contests between gladiators and also wild animals. It’s known that the northern side has different species of lions, such as the Atlas lion. Yeah, in the Arab Maghreb Our journey in Tipaza came to an end on the Mediterranean Sea, can you hear it? It’s similar to Santorini in Greece.
We are going back to Algiers. Now, we will try some Algerian food. « Nuts and almonds » A tour to try Algerian food and desserts They say that this is the most delicious liver in Algeria. All these people want to eat liver, imagine! Let’s start with the King of the liver. It’s a delicious liver.
I would come here every day. Does it deserve this crowd? Yes, it deserves. You wait a whole hour for the liver? I’m here for 2 hours. He inherited it from his father. This is a well-known place. There is a blessing here. Everyone comes here and they are all welcome. Since 40 years? This pan is 40 years old.
They offered him money to sell it but he refused. The treasure (liver) is ready! We won. As if he got a visa. This is a visa for the stomach. This is the most famous liver in Algeria. He is called the « King of the liver ». The spices! The King of the liver. So delicious. Then we went to the King of Loubia (beans) King of loubia.
May I have loubia? In Algeria, loubia means « beans ». King of loubia (beans). He has been selling loubia for 56 years (beans) He opened his restaurant one year after the liberation. After that, we tried… Yeah, it’s a square. The traditional Algerian pizza. The square pizza. This pizza is not in Italy, it’s in Algeria.
Look at this square pizza. This is from uncle Al Zein He is sending you love. This is the traditional pizza in Algeria. How much for this? Keep me in your prayers. He only wants me to keep him in my prayers. I have been like this for 24 years. You have been wearing a suit at work for 24 years? The owner of this restaurant come to work wearing a suit for 24 years.
He comes to the restaurant wearing the best gentlemanly outfit. He is wearing a suit even on this ID card. This picture was taken in 1975. Classic, old things never die. Mr. Mohammad Al Zein. This is uncle Mohammad. He has been working as a pizza chef for 40 years. The oldest pizza chef. How old do you think is he? 50? He was 50 in 1990.
Arabic is the official language of the country alongside Tamazight. French is also used widely. We call it « La Coupole pizza » (dome pizza). It’s on me. Börek. Here you go, this one is hot. There is no cheese, it’s made from potato and meat. This is called börek. Unlike the Turkish one, this is made from potato not cheese.
It’s everywhere. It’s homemade. It’s made from potatoes. Best börek in Algiers. Then, we went to try the Algerian desserts. Khaymat mama (Mom’s tent). Khaymat mama, like a house. I’m from Kasbah Khaymat mama means my « mom’s cuisine ». for traditional desserts without any changes to their ingredients.
Everything is homemade in the traditional way. This is baklava, from nuts and almonds. Syrians make it in phyllo pastry but we make it from the original pastry. This is makrout with honey. All of them are so delicious. There are many types. Just like women, there are women with dark skin and others with light skin.
Similarly, the desserts. A simple cuisine that represents Kasbah’s cuisine. We will make tea the capital’s tea not the sahara one. It’s light. So you can drink it with desserts. The sahara tea is heavy, unlike this one. This is normal tea. Our baklava is better. He said that they have good baklava.
It has no competitor. This is the best baklava in the world. This is better than the Syrian baklava? Kasbah is my birthplace. My dream was to open a small business to revive the heritage and promote tourism in Kasbah. He raised his eyebrow. It’s so delicious. Thank God. With tea. A simple cuisine. The tray of simplicity.
Because of the narrow alleys, they used to use donkeys. We should also try qalb el louz (heart of almonds). We call it in our country el harissa. So, this is the well-known qalb el louz. It’s made from honey That’s why you will see bees around the place. Originally, it’s Syrian, but here, they added some things to it.
It’s called here qalb el louz, qalb el assad (heart of lion). It’s made from flour, honey, sugar and almonds. Oh my God, eat it and enjoy your day. This is Algiers’ qalb el louz. In eastern Algeria, they call it harissa or basbosa. We also call it harissa. In Ramadan month, it’s common, and you will see bees on it.
Let me shake your hand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s so delicious! You will get crazy here. He is saying that you will get crazy in Algeria. A very warm welcome from everyone in the streets. Long live Palestine. Mentioning Palestine gives me goosebumps. I swear to God. It’s our instincts After an Algerian is born, he will say « Palestine ».
After dessert, This is shawa (grills) in Algeria. We call it « mashawi ». There is another dish that I have never heard about, this beard is called kesra. And here is the hole. What will be inside the hole? They put the treasure. It’s like the World Cup. Yeah right, it’s like a prize. This is called zviti.
It has the tent style like they used to do in the past. It’s spicy. It’s known that it’s very spicy. Delicious. This is a masterpiece. This is chakhchoukha. How will we eat this? Look! You can eat it with meat. The delicious Mediterranean Sea fish. Look at its color! It has the original color! Sticky and delicious, right? This should be a gift.
Try one of the oldest Algerian soft drinks. I see it on every table. It’s on every table. The white bottle. Soft drinks. There is no KFC, McDonalds or Starbucks. Don’t take me wrong, but our food is so delicious. So, we don’t need the international brands. This was the capital city of Algeria. This continent country has more things to discover together.